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Guyo, Dullo, Mumina and MPs’ political promises to the residents of Isiolo County

Guyo, Dullo, Mumina and MPs’ political promises to the residents of Isiolo County
December 6, 2022 Eastern Newspaper

Isiolo Governor Abdi Guyo (Centre) Woman Representative Mumina Bonaya (Right) follow proceedings during a past event in Isiolo | PHOTO-Courtesy

By Correspondent

On his campaign trail, like any other politician seeking favor from electorates, Abdi Ibrahim Guyo, alias Kayole, had a handful of pledges he made to Isiolo people for them to prefer him to his other two fierce opponents in the August 9, 2022, gubernatorial race.

His promises to unite the ever-worrying communities, solve the protracted land issues, make sure residents enjoy quality health services, completion of stalled projects, and repair dilapidated roads among others, convinced the voters and gave him the county’s top job.

His pledge to ensure there is a buffer zone between Isiolo and other neighboring counties bandits used to attack from also fascinated the residents who considered him a proactive young man.

Although he faced tough times to sway the voters yet he was a ‘newcomer’ and an immediate former Matopeni MCA in Embakasi Nairobi who was fronted by the former governor, Guyo was able to triumph over the first governor Godana Doyo, who sought a comeback and with Borana Council of elders backing.

Guyo rode to the position on a Jubilee ticket, while Doyo was an independent candidate.

Former Ethics and Ant corruption boss Alakhe Waqo was on the ballot on an ODM ticket, while Kimaita Machuguma of Safina, Keneth Turbo of PNU, and Hussein Tene of UDA dropped their bid in favor of different candidates.

Guyo, after swearing in started working, first, by issuing an executive order no. 1 of 2022, which was the sacking of the county Secretary Dr. Ahmed Galgalo. He ordered the forensic audit of the county revenue department to see why there was a decline in revenue collection.

“If there is anybody who is dipping a hand in the public coffers, the law is going to take its course,’ Guyo said after giving the audit orders.

A week later, Guyo request six lories of drugs and dispatched them to all the health facilities in the county, after holding a meeting with health department officers and ordered serious Investigations to be done by officers undercover to unearth the mystery of the disappearance of the medicine from the public health facilities in the county that left patients sent to buy them from private chemists.

Senator Fatuma Dullo was able to retain her seat in the just concluded election after residents expressed their satisfaction with how she had performed in the last ten years. She first started as a nominated senator in 2013 and was later elected in 2017, and she is now in the upper house for the third time.

Dullo, who is known for her firm decisions and praised for lobbying for her people, promised to continue with good work especially to keep the government of the day in check and lobby for more roads, adjudication of the land, and registration of Isiolo community land.

She was able to petition the senate on matters of the massive land being taken by Kenya Defense Forces in Burat ward and residents got temporary relief, where the matter is still pending in court.
This gave her an easy through pass and show dust his arch-rival Nuh Mohamed, who was in Doyo’s camp being an independent candidate as well.

Mumina Gollo Bonaya, a youthful soft spoken lady, was able to unseat Rehema Dida Jaldesa. Learning her weaknesses, Mumina, who was formerly basic education CAS, came to electorates as a lamb without blemish and promised to heal all the wounds that were caused in the heart of the other communities by the then incumbent.

She capitalized on other communities away from where they came from and she was voted overwhelmingly. Mumina did not promise much but peace, equitable sharing of NGAAF resources, and treatment of all equally.

Unlike her predecessor, who was so much dependent on Borana council of elders for support, Mumina defied them and moved from one community

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