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Revealed: Why bones are no longer enough in Meru and Isiolo

Revealed: Why bones are no longer enough in Meru and Isiolo
January 3, 2021 Eastern Newspaper


By Gerald Kibaki,

Steak meat has been a great venture in terms of sale in Butcheries but this is no longer as Bones have overtaken the venture.

There has been a high demand for Bones in recent months as many people buy them for bone marrow soup and other uses.

Dr. Daniel Kimaita told the Eastern Newspaper bone soup is rich in irons, lots of vitamins, and good for boosting one’s immunity.

He said it is not shocking for people to turn up taking bone soup at this time the Country is fighting an unseen enemy that destroys the immunity of people in a few weeks.

Mithika Mutuma owner of Good Morning Butchery in Meru town said the sale of meat has gone down compared to previous moments.

He said he sells a kilo of the liver at Sh450, Matumbo at Sh250 while bones sell at Sh450, and a kilo of beef at Sh700.

Bone Marrow soup is good for a pregnant woman or one who just gave birth because the bone broth helps to rebuild tendons, ligaments, and skin after the push and pull.

Bone broth contains the healing benefits of collagen, elastin, gelatin, and hyaluronic acid to help nourish and strengthen joints.

It also helps in minerals and detoxification.

Mutuma said most of his customers are women who have had delivered recently because the bone marrow soup helps them so much to recover and regain energy quickly.

“Bones are in high demand nowadays than before coronavirus struck. I have received some patients directed here by doctors who tell them to buy bones for bone marrow soup,” he said

Mutuma said most of his customers are doctors from Meru who also refer some patients to buy the best bones at Good morning Butchery.

Mutuma said their businesses have been at their knees since the announcement of the first coronavirus case leading to a curfew and lockdown but they were picking up.

In Isiolo and Marsabit towns bones camel bones are one of the most popular ingredients f preparing broth that is a mixture of assorted herbs believed to solve many health problems.

With health facilities located in far-flung areas in the remote counties and the availability of the bones, many residents here have become used to consuming the bone marrow soup that is rich in most essential nutrients.

A survey conducted by, The Eastern Newspaper in Isiolo town revealed that many butcheries have specialized in selling bones from cattle, goats, and even camels following an increased demand for the same.

Hassan Mohamed who runs a camel butchery in one of the back streets in Isiolo town says most are the times when customers push him to sell the chins even before the steak parts of the camel meat.

‘My customers call when during slaughtering days to book for specific parts of camel bones, they particularly like the knees section that has bone marrow where they use the same to prepare food and the traditional herbs. I am told that they mix with some wild herbs and take them ether to boost their immunity or cure existing health problems’ Hassan said

A kilogram of camel bones goes for Kshs 200 in Isiolo selling at the same price as steak.

Dietitians say the bone broth has collagen which is an anti-aging.



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