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Woman Rep Kailemia calls for truce between Governor Mwangaza, MPs

Woman Rep Kailemia calls for truce between Governor Mwangaza, MPs
May 11, 2023 Eastern Newspaper

Meru County Woman Representative Kailemia Karambu poses with a dummy cheque during the event to disburse bursaries to needy learners | PHOTO-Courtesy

By Gerald Mutethia
Meru Woman Representative Karambu Kailemia has expressed fears following sustained outbursts by a section of Meru MPs and Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza will hamper service delivery.

Kailemia said differences in leadership are not enmity but the same should not be misconstrued or blown out of proportion to levels of inciting residents against other leaders out to perform their mandate.

Kailemia played a key role in re-uniting Governor Mwangaza and the MCAs after a failed impeachment motion in December last year.

”I can’t reject calls to play the role of Koffi Annan between Governor Mwangaza and Meru MPs. My emphasis is to have peace and unity, you may have ten children and they all have diversity in opinion. I don’t know where that noise is coming from. I think the main problem is misunderstanding and making a mountain out of small issues. Let’s accommodate each other,” Kailemia said.

Speaking at Mama Safi Centre when she disbursed Sh5.3 million NGAAF bursary funds to benefit more than 820 learners, Karambu said that residents of Meru are facing many challenges that need joint interventions from elected leaders and not incessant wrangles.

“We have people suffering from hunger. Some do not have school fees. It is not a must we love each but it is a must Meru leaders to work together to entrench development in the County,” Kailemia said.

Kailemia also pleaded with the opposition to give President William Ruto ample time to turn around the economy saying the high cost of living can’t be resolved in six months the Ruto regime has been in power.

Mwangaza and MPs Mpuru Aburi (Tigania East) and Moses Kirima (Central Imenti) have been at loggerheads with the duo accusing Mwangaza of being a lone ranger after she failed to attend an event in which Immigration PS Julius Bitok launched a civil registration office at Kaguru in South Imenti.

Mwangaza on her part has accused the MPs of meddling in her administration for selfish interests.

The differences have escalated over the last two weeks after Meru senator Kathuri Murungi announced the formation of a committee of his own select executive members to play an oversight role against the governor.

Mwangaza said the senator’s oversight quest is not genuine and alleged that he is out to malign her as he has eyes on the governor’s seat in 2027.

“He is just hiding behind what he is terming as an oversight role to malign me, he should come out in the public and tell residents that he wants to be governor in 2027,” she added.

Kathuri on his part says, “I said that I will play my oversight role to the letter. The only practical thing the governor can do is to propose constitutional amendments through the Senate or National Assembly to remove the role of oversight from the Senators.”

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