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SAPAD uplifting the lives of Tharaka Nithi residents

SAPAD uplifting the lives of Tharaka Nithi residents
April 24, 2019 Eastern Newspaper

An NGO in Tharaka Nithi County is laying down strategies of touching people’s lives by a way of training and supporting them to be self-reliant in areas of food provision and general wellbeing.

Strategies for Agro-Pastoral Development; commonly referred to as, SAPAD, has been in operation in Tharaka Nithi County for the last few years, where it has concentrated on issues affecting the local community and pushing for possible solutions.

This organization has focused its attention in areas of indigenous chicken rearing to boost nutrition and empower the local residents economically.

Another area of concentration is water and sanitation health programme commonly referred to as, WASH, program. Here, SAPAD has helped the Tharaka community to construct modern toilets at Nkarini MCK public school alongside other related projects like rock catchment water harvesting programme being executed at Kamaguna area and already benefitting the local community.

Ecological organic agriculture is another area that has transformed the lives of the residents of Tharaka Nithi County Courtesy of SAPAD. Among the key institutions that have benefited from this program is the GK Prison at Kathwana. The officers and inmates at the facility are now enjoying the improved diet, thanks to SAPAD for leading a food security initiative at the institution’s farm.

At Tharaka prison located at the dry parts of Kathwana in the county, staff and inmates have every reason to smile following a successful agricultural project at the prison’s reclaimed land with the help of officers from the SAPAD NGO, the staff and inmates are able to harvest, recycle and filter water using in the farming of various types of vegetables.

When The Mashariki News visited the prison, images of healthy, kales, spinach and assorted traditional vegetables colored the entire compound hence changing the entire perception that Tharaka region cannot produce vegetables.

One of the offices tasked with supervising the project Mr. John Mwongera said for the last many months the institution has saved money in their kitchen budget because most of the vegetables are harvested from the farm.

‘ We never thought that Chuka prison will be able to produce anything in the area of food crops, we have been relying on supplies from business people who get their produce from the highlands and supply the lowlands normally faced by prolonged dry seasons, this is a miracle’ Mwenda said.

SAPAD Chief Executive Officer Mr. Chabari Kiura told, The Mashariki News, that, the vision of the organizations in to bring the local residents who include leaders and other stakeholders on board in efforts to ensure that their living standards are uplifted through concerted efforts of ensuring that they can produce their own food and generate wealth to address the issue of basic human needs.

SAPAD board of directors Chairman Mr. John Mwiti says the future plans of the organization is to spread its wings to the neighboring counties of Kitui, Embu, Isiolo, Samburu, Meru, and Laikipia.


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