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Inside Meru County politics; The Truth, take it or leave it

Inside Meru County politics; The Truth, take it or leave it
June 19, 2019 Eastern Newspaper

By Gideon Mwiti Irea, Former MP-Central Imenti 

KiKaLi fought Munya by Selling Lies. Could Kiraitu be going through the same route by NO PEU Movement???

Therefore, Governor, Kiraitu and his people wanted a share of the Meru County Cake from former Governor Munya who in return did not heed to their request.

Several elected leaders who included some Meru MPs including me at the time could not easily access the Meru County cake and therefore some leaders led by Mpuru Aburi, Mithika Linturi and Kajuju talked to Kiraitu to accept to unseat Munya from the seat of governor.

CS Munya who at the time performed very well as the first governor by putting the structures for the running of the county, he supervised the formation of what is today called Meru County Government and for this I give him credit.

To unseat CS Munya, the anti-Munya group decided to popularly paint Munya as a non-performer, corrupt and sub-tribal governor who was forgetting other Meru sub-tribes and employed people from his locality {Tigania}. This was recently admitted by Mpuru Aburi while talking in a popular Kimeru Radio Station.

Now what we are seeing is Mpuru Aburi and Senator Mithika Linturi asking CS Munya to forgive them. Is this the kind of politics we need in Meru County where leaders are lying to the Meru People and apologizing later?

Kiraitu Murungi believed that since he was instrumental in Munya rising to power, he could use all methods to unseat him and in this he succeeded.

Now comes Kiraitu who was elected through a movement in Jubilee called KiKaLi and he has refused to sing the song of those who believe they gave him the gubernatorial seat. I believe who pays the piper decides the tune of the song but in this case the KiKaLi team should know that Kiraitu Murungi was elected by Meru people and I was also campaigning for him and I am not demanding for anything.

The people baying for Kiraitu’s blood should know that the reality is that the benefits are not for the one who goes to the war front but for the people he is fighting for.

In Kimeru:‘Into i bia acuirwa ti bia mucui’.

Allow Governor Kiraitu to perform his duties as a governor while holding a checklist of what he said he will do to make Meru great and with the same checklist when campaign time comes you will use it either to remove him.

Confusion, hatred, lies, insults, embarrassments, songs will not change Meru county instead it will take it backwards.

Allow me to apologize to CS Munya whom we campaigned against out of formulated lies, bias and hatred to unseat him from the gubernatorial seat.

Accept my apologies and those of my supporters and friends. I support you on the duties you are performing now in the national government and I wish you well in your future endeavors for I know your star is bright and I pray that God will bless you as you serve Meru people and the whole country at large.

Thank you also for the work you did in Meru County as the first governor in our county.

Now to the Meru senator Mithika Linturi, I would like him to remember ‘what goes around comes around’ and also know that the destiny of every man is in the hands of God.

Lastly to Mpuru Aburi who has been my friend for many years, I wish you well and hope you will know that whatever you do to people, you should do it without being biased. I do enjoy the energy and the drive that you apply in doing things. May you be always positive.

I thank Central Imenti people for electing me in 2013 and adding a lifetime title in my name {Honorable} and I will always remember you, thank you and cherish you for that honor.

I will not fail to thank the media, for giving us information.

May God Bless You.

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